Small Plastic Bottle Shredder

Plastic Bottle Shredder manufactured by Siedon Technologies is used in size reduction of the waste product, saving disposal and operational costs. Plastic shredder could be applied to recycle the plastic scrap and waste in plastic factories. Plastic shredder is mainly used in for injection molding regrind material, molding scrap, plastic bottles, profile extrusion, pipe extrusion, injection molding waste’s shredding and recycling.This small plastic shredder adopts Italian new design and greatly save the costs.

Plastic Bottle Shredder

Features of Small Plastic Bottle Shredder:

  • High capacity
  • Easy for maintenance
  • Low rpm and low noise
  • Low energy consumption

Options Small Plastic Shredder:

  • Hopper sound enclosure
  • Base sound enclosure
  • Wheeler or fixed stand
  • Different hopper and bin shapes
  • Manual, vacuum, or blower discharge

Technical parameters:

Output kg/hr120160100135
Feed-opening Dimension 200 x 350mm300 x 450mm200 x 350mm300 x 450mm
Rotor Diameter mm160250160250
Rotor TypeSlant cut open rotorSlant cut open rotorStaggered closed rotor Staggered closed rotor
Number of rotating/fix knife3 + 23 + 23 x 4 + 23 x 4 + 2
Power kw3.553.55
ApplicationSprues and flat scarpSprues and flat scarpBottles and boxesBottles and boxes