Small Oil Bottle Shredder

The small oil bottle shredder/crusher, specially designed for small batches recycling of the HDPE plastic bottles from auto car maintenance shops and PET bottles for bear and soft drinks. The grinder (granulator) can grind engine oil bottles, lubricant oil bottles, water bottles, and other liquid containers made of plastics. It reduces the size of bottle scraps and retreat residual oil/water.People can benefit from this machine by reduce the size of the scrap oil bottles and retreat residual oil in engine oil bottles. All electric components of this machine are CE or/and UL approved. The machine is made in China and the price of this small shredder is about 4000 US dollars.

Oil Bottle Shredder
Oil Bottle Shredder
bottle flakes
Flakes from crushed plastic bottles.        Size Max 3/4″ x 3″

Main Features of Oil Bottle Shredder

· Low power consumption
· Low noise and low dust
· Low operation and maintenance cost
· Automatically stop by using a timer in the control box
· Affordable price.

Technical Parameters of Oil Bottle Shredder – Model SB102

Motor power2 HP1.5 KW
Shaft speed
Feed-opening Dimension7.09"*14.38"180 mm*365 mm
Block Measurement9.06"*6.90"230 mm*175 mm
Chamber Dimension
Machine Size29.2"*27.6"*7.5"740 mm*700 mm*1900 mm
Machine weight0.28 ton280 kg
Output441 lb/h200 kg/h