Plastic Shredder

Plastic Shredder is designed and manufactured by Siedon Technologies for plastic scrap and waste recycling plants, such as injection molding regrind material, molding scrap, plastic bottles, profile extrusion, pipe extrusion, injection molding waste crushing and other hollow body wastes, hard plastic plate and sheets of recycling. You can choose the appropriate Plastic Shredder model according to the size and capacity of the waste materials. If you need to use the Plastic Shredder to break especially hard materials, such as: nylon, ABS, PC high- rigidity engineering plastic please offer us the detail information we would design the plastic shredder according to your specific requirements.

Features of Large Plastic Shredder :

*High capacity
*Easy for maintenance
*Low rpm and low noise
*Low energy consumption

*Hopper sound enclosure
*Base sound enclosure
*Wheeler or fixed stand
*Different hopper and bin shapes
*Manual, vacuum, or blower discharge

Technical parameters of Plastic Shredder:

output (kg/h)
Hopper size
400*350 mm
1000*700*1500 mm
Machine Weight
1200 kg
Bottle flakes size20-50 mm
Motor Power
7.5 kw