Knife and Screen for Plastic Shredder

Shredder Knife

Knife of Plastic Shredder
Knife of Plastic Shredder


  • Hardness 56 – 59 HRC, Angle of cutting edge-around 50°and depending on the sort of waste material;
  • More product throughput, less energy requirements;
  • Unmatched quality, Reasonable pricing


SKD-II, D2, Cr12MoV, 6CrW2Si, 9CrSi, 60Si2Mo, DC-53, 5CrW2Si, Tungsten steel, etc

Applications :

  • Injection molding
  • Thermoforming
  • Pipe and tube
  • Rotational molding
  • Blow molding
  • Medical devices
  • Recycling
  • Film and sheet
  • Compounding and extruding

Screen for Plastic Shredder

Screen of Plastic shredder
Screen of Plastic shredder