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We go in for technical innovations to producing high quality waste managerment recycling machine, like plastic waste bottle shredder, EPS compactor, marine waste baler, glass crusher ect…

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About Siedon Technologies

We are the manufacturer of industrial shredders and waste disposal equipments in China.

With a growing market and hundreds of successful cases we built, Siedon became the most trustworthy brand in China, also it`s being more and more popular worldwide. Thanks to rich experience and our strong R&D team, Siedon always keeps advanced in technologies.

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Mini Shredding Machine For Recycling


Small Plastic Bottle Shredder

Designed for shredding & recycling plastic bottles, PET bottles, HDPE lubricating oil bottles, laundry detergent as well as metal beverage cans.

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Glass Bottle Shredder

Special designed for shredding glass bottle, which can reduce the volume of glass bottles by 75%, thus greatly saving storage space

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Marine Waste Shredder

Used for waste size reduction on marine vessels and offshore plateforms; applied on kitchen waste, plastic scrap, paper, cardboard waste, ect.

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Model TS3030 Mini Waste Shredder

Model TS4030 Mini Waste Shredder

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We have an enviable reputation for cost effective solutions to industrial waste and recycling problems. Our extensive range of recycling equipment gives you the power to optimise your waste segregation, handling, storage and transportation.